Condition Rent


  • For the boat rental it is necessary to stipulate  a formal contract has to be signed specifiying name, address and telephone reference of the contractor.
  • Please submit an identification card or driver's licence at the signature of contract.
  • Minimum age for signature of the contract 18 years;
  • The lease provides the temporary custody of a motorboat - the contractor must pay the deposit required by contract (cash or credit card) and an advance payment of the rental fee (minimum 20%), full payment of the rental fee maximum at the reconsignment of the boat to Pollini Srl.
  • The boat must be returned in the same condition as it has been given out - any kind of damage to the boat, propeller, engine or other parts of the boat, caused by the client, will be compensated by the client himself at the end of the rental period.
  • Damage to third parties are covered by legal insurance.
  • The boat will be delivered with full tank, board equipment, mooring ropes and anchor.  
  • The boat will be delivered clean - please do not let on board cans, bottles, paper and other litter, as you must not throw any rubbish into the Lake. (is is important to safeguard our environment and you couls also incur in heavy penalties)
  • All tariffs are inclusive of VAT 22%
  • The delivery of the boat implies a short explanation by our staff on basic concepts on the engine, hull, navigation. We will also show you the best places to visit (see also section TOURS) as well as explain where the dangerous areas of the Lake are and explain you how to moore the boat and how to behave in case of emergency;



Vuoi vendere la tua barca?
Vuoi vendere la tua barca?
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